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Power Rankings around the web - Week 7

Where do the Broncos rank? 

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Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

After a second loss, was almost afraid to look at the rankings, but was pleasantly surprised. Having a Head a coach MIA for the two losses may have helped. It's the Coach, not the team. I can dig that. What about you?

USA Today Sports-6 (5)

6. Broncos (5): Given their discombobulation last Thursday, perhaps it's time to start appreciating what Gary Kubiak brings to the table just a bit more. Orlando Jorge Ramirez, Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots, Vikings, Seahawks (5)

The only Broncos offensive linemen not penalized Thursday night were Gary Zimmerman and Mark Schlereth. It was painful watching CJ Anderson make a brilliant run, only to see a yellow hankie ruin the picture because Max Garcia or Matt Paradis manhandled his man. Heck, the flags were flying around all night for a Denver team that committed a costly 103 yards worth of penalties. We thought quarterback play might hold this team back, but the O-line may yet be the culprit.

Vikings, Patriots, Seahawks

I’m interjecting here. Matt Paradis wasn't the problem with the flags. He may have had him confused with Donald Stephenson.

CBS Sports-7 (5)

They need to get better play from the quarterback position than what they got the past two weeks. If not, they could waste a lot of good defense.

Vikings, Patriots, Seahawks

SB Nation-6 (4)

Teams like the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers won’t fly down the rankings after a bad loss, because there’s nowhere for them to go.

Vikings, Patriots, Seahawks

Pro Football Talk, NBC Sports-9 (7)

9. Broncos (4-2; No. 7): The defense is somehow better. The offense is somehow worse.

Vikings, Patriots, Seahawks

Fox Sports-7 (5)

The Broncos dropped their second straight after starting 4-0, but it’s not time to panic just yet. The defense is still among the best in the league, playing well against both the Chargers and Falcons in their losses. They’ll get a week off to regroup and likely return to the form they showed for the first four games. They’ll be fine.

Vikings, Patriots, Cowboys

Most have the Broncos ranked at around 6th. Are they right?