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Horse Tracks: Monday will be worth the wait for Denver Broncos

Can you believe it's been over a week since that debacle in San Diego?

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Man, was I excited for Thursday night football last week. Sure, the orange pants may have been a bit of a turn-off, but you just can't knock any uniform that rocks that old-school Denver 'D' logo... Then the game happened. Sure, you can blame the Broncos performance on the offensive line, poor quarterback play, or bad play-calling, but I'm going to lay responsibility where it firmly belongs - on the orange pants.

Today is Friday and it's been over a week since that game. The customary self-imposed media blackout after a loss is likely over for many of you now. It's safe to turn on sports radio and NFL Network again. However, like last week, this week is also atypical. The Broncos aren't playing on Sunday, but Monday night. Here's hoping the Broncos take advantage of the extra time to better prepare for Houston.

That time will no doubt be crucial for Denver to sharpen their focus and return to Broncos football as we've known it over the last year. Coach Kubiak is back and I'm guessing he was none-to-pleased at the performance he watched from his couch. Let's hope he stoked the coals and kicked some butts into gear. Honestly, they needed it.

Yup, Monday is still days away and to Broncos Country, this long spell between games feels like a mini-unearned bye-week. It's been a long time since we've seen the fellas, let's just hope they're the fellas of the first four weeks of this season and not the jumbled band of misfits that suited up in orange and blue the last couple weeks.

I'm excited to see the Broncos take the field on Monday night. Something tells me there's a lot of fight left in that locker room. Let's hope so.


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