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Let's talk Broncos' struggles on offense and defense

The Afternoon Drive discussed the issues the Denver Broncos are having over the last two games with former Broncos' safety Nick Ferguson.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive chatted with former Denver Broncos safety Nick Ferguson regarding the teams struggles on both offense and defense. It's a good conversation to have as the team has dropped two straight games.

As a former player while Gary Kubiak was a coach in Denver, I paid attention to what Ferguson had to say. However, rather than writing another post simply telling people what we think the struggles are, I thought maybe we open up the comments in this post to discuss these various issues and how the coaching staff might be able to either fix the problem or overcome them.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les discuss some drama from the locker room on Thursday. No one from the media is giving names, but after digging through last Thursday's transcripts it looked like Chris Harris Jr. fielded some pretty dumb questions and he was curiously absent from the media transcripts this Thursday. I'm not saying it was him, but if it was I understand why he wasn't pleased with this specific reporter after reading the questions he was asked last week.