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Broncos Texans live: Trevor Siemian comes alive in the second quarter

Trevor Siemian got his groove back to start the second quarter and it was all Denver Broncos to end the half.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

A third holding call would open things up for the Denver Broncos to start the second quarter. That time the call went against Michael Schofield and it would wipe out a nice five yard gain from Devontae Booker. A short pass to Demaryius Thomas would get some of those yards back.

Trevor Siemian finally made his best throw not called back by a penalty to Emmanuel Sanders who would get the first down. This success would lead to some rhythm of the kind we have not seen in weeks.

A quick pass to Andy Janovich would lead to another first down. A run from Booker and a catch from Thomas set the Broncos up inside the red zone. Siemian completed his fifth consecutive pass to set the Broncos up inside the ten with a first and goal.

It seemed that earlier frustration is giving way to relief by many fans as C.J. Anderson ran the ball straight up the gut for the touchdown to give the Broncos the lead. The Broncos offense woke up.

Broncos 7, Texans 6.

Osweiler, on the Texans next possession, would misfire deep to Will Fuller who was triple covered. Miller would ensure the third down was manageable with a seven yard run on second down. Osweiler had to get rid of the ball quickly as Miller was about to sack him. The ball was caught, but short of the sticks.

The Broncos offense got things going again with Devontae Booker who would quickly run the Broncos into Texans territory. A beautiful pass would be caught by Sanders who would tear through the Texans secondary to setup a first and goal.

A quick throwaway from Siemian led to a hand off to Anderson who was inexplicably lined up at the full back position, which seems to play against every one of his strengths as a runner. On third and goal, Siemian would throw a dart to Thomas for the touchdown. It was a perfect throw.

Broncos 14, Texans 6.

With time running out in the first half, Osweiler would try to get a drive going from his own fifteen yard line. The Texans would have their drive end in a punt after a holding penalty caused them to stall out.

With under a minute to go, the Broncos looked to run the clock out. However, Anderson would say hold on a second with a 17 yard run on first down to set the Broncos up near midfield.