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MHR Live: Chargers at Broncos, the early preview

One starter is coming back, one is going to be out for awhile, one is day-to-day and a bunch of starters missed practice. We have it all for your here.

C.J. Anderson is expected to miss anywhere from a few weeks to the remainder of the season. We will let you know what to expect going forward.

The trade deadline is next Tuesday and the Denver Broncos have already attained a tight end with A.J. Derby, might they be communicating with the New York Jets for a defensive tackle or the Cleveland Browns for a left tackle?

DeMarcus Ware completed his first practice in October, we will let you know what he says about playing this weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks just released running back C.J. Spiller, could he fill several holes for Denver?

And we take a look at the #NoFlyZone, how many times have they been thrown at this season, how many yards have they given up individually. Is it time to reinvest in a specific player?

Get in where you fit in and join host Ian Henson live as we take all of your questions and do our best to give you all of the answers.