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The AFC West showed the sun hasn't set on this division

You get a win and you get a win, Everybody gets a win!

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Every team in the AFC West won in Week 7, which keeps the division tight with the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders at the top and the Kansas City Chiefs nipping at their heels.

AFC West Standings

1 OAK 5 2 714 185 179
2 DEN 5 2 714 167 117
3 KC 4 3 666 136 123
4 SD 3 4 428 206 185

Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars, 33-16

This score may lead one to think that the Raiders played well. Sadly, it was more a game of, who made the most mistakes and bad throws. In that case, QB Blake Bortles and his Jags won.

It was a sloppy affair. The field looked like my son's bedroom floor...covered in laundry. Flags, flags, flags. Not sure I've seen a non-divisional or even a playoff game with three ejections.

If either team showed as much passion during actual plays instead of afterward against each other, or the refs, I'd have more hope for either one. The Raiders were given good field position often and usually didn't capitalize. Derek Carr would have a few flashes of what he could be and then back to average. Michael Crabtree and Latavius Murray were the bright spots in an otherwise dull day.

Raiders defense didn't hold the Jags to 16, it was more the Jags decided to pretend it was a scrimmage. You'd like to blame the weather for such lethargic play, but it was actually a cool day. Much warmer than the reception Bortles is going to get anywhere in Jacksonville after capping off a bad day with a horrible interception.

San Diego Chargers @ Atlanta Falcons, 33-30

For Chargers fans, in the second half they saw something different this week. A team that came out better than the first. Or Atlanta left their juice in the locker room, either or both.

Their first half was a sad sack affair, but when DT Joey Bosa racked up two sacks in quick order, RB Melvin Gordon was lit and a late game saving interception by Denzel Perryman gave them hope for an outright win....Until the drive stalled, leading to a Josh Lambo FG tying things up.

Their defense then prevented Atlanta from getting any closer than a 58 yard FG...and a miss. Overtime!

Falcons won the coin flip, but couldn't do much again the Chargers’ new found defense (in no small part to Joey Bosa). Chargers got the ball back and a Lambo FG gave SD the win.

This was another game where you couldn't tell if the Chargers are that good or the Falcons have shown, once again, their offense is good, until teams get game film. If the Denver defense plays on Sunday like they did last night, we'll have our answer.

New Orleans Saints @ Kansas City Chiefs, 21-27

The big Chief news is that Alex Smith isn't playing like Alex Smith. In the last two weeks, he's now the third best in the league for yards per attempt at 9.5. and is at 78% completions. Wow. He is playing at a higher level, and his scrambling ability shows he's far more athletic than many people think. This Smith is a dangerous and deadly efficient Smith.

More good news for KC is Smith hasn't been sacked in 45 snaps. It appears there's something to be said about improved OL play...and a run game behind Spencer Ware...or the Saints defense is a joke. Which is tough to argue against.

However, playing in Arrowhead is no joke. Drew Brees and the Saints had four false starts and a delay of game. Which was fairly indicative of the game for the Saints. A mistake laden game. Visions of the Jags game, but with a better QB.

The Saints at least were able to score a TD on their opening drive. After that, flags, fumbles and an interception marred the day. Had they not made so many mistakes, of their own doing, they may have won.

KC is cheering about their defense, but they did allow 3 TDs and a 300 yard game, if not for a tipped ball leading to a pick-six, that game would've went to OT. Good news for the Broncos.

Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos, 9-27

Unsurprisingly, QB Brock Osweiler is bad. The question is: does he know it? As usual, when the chips were down and he could've went with the underneath or checkdown choice, he went for the deep ball. (Insert laughing so hard have tears running down my face, emoji).

If Houston had a QB who was good, they'd be a team with a chance. They don't. So many offensive weapons wasted...and cash. A vault of it. Our defense knew exactly how to play Brent and they did, like a 5 string concerto. A no TD game and by the 4th Quarter, Houston gave up. Rolled over, exposed their neck and let Wolfe and company feast.

My hero, FB Andy Jonovich, showed why we need him on the field! We had a run game. Smash mouth football in all it's blood, guts and glory. The Texans left looking like extras from The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, and I mean this, they suffered some serious injuries. Thoughts and prayers are sent to Derek Newton. You never like to see that.

It was apparent they did not plan for RBs CJ Anderson and Devontae Booker. They had no answer. The run game allowed QB Trevor Siemian’s game manager style of QBing to work. We dinked and dunked to a victory. This game showed that we need HC Gary Kubiak. A healthy Kubes is a winning Kubes.

Go Broncos!