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Devontae Booker is ready for anything the Denver Broncos ask of him

The most important man on offense this Sunday is going to be Devontae Booker. The Afternoon Drive chats it up with him in this interview.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive caught up with new Denver Broncos starting running back Devontae Booker who will now carry the load for the team as C.J. Anderson is reportedly heading to injured reserve after having knee surgery on Thursday.

The interview starts at about the two and a half minute mark. Booker sees this as a huge opportunity for him to prove he can handle anything the Broncos need on the field. For someone who hasn't heard many interviews of Booker, it was definitely interesting.

Bonus Listen

It has been clear that Anderson has been a huge leader on the offense this year. His loss is going to affect things, even if Booker is an adequate replacement in terms of production. Eric and Les discuss here how Anderson's injury could affect Trevor Siemian.