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Give us 30 reasons Terrell Davis should be in the Hall of Fame

There are 100, but we don’t have time to write that many. So tell us what you consider the greatest reason(s) for TD in the HOF.

Terrell Davis Broncos

It is Terrell Davis’ birthday today and that reminded me of a promise I made to myself two months ago when I saw TD outside Mile High getting ready for the prime-time broadcast of the Broncos-Panthers season opener.

The night before that game, I finally watched “A Football Life: Terrell Davis” for the first time and awesome as it was, I was more incensed than ever before at TD’s exclusion from a club he deserves more than so many others and definitely just deserves outright.

And when I saw him that Thursday afternoon, I yelled out that he should say on national TV he deserves the Hall of Fame. Obviously that would be ridiculous for him to do, but it was the first thing that came to me when he walked by.

But his response to me was not ridiculous - “I can’t do anymore. You [the media/fans] have to make it happen.”

And he’s right. He’s done everything he can do.

So Jess Place, Ian St. Clair, Adam Malnatti and I agreed that we at MHR need to step up because Jeff Legwold and the Denver media don’t seem to be getting this done. Our plan is a true “30-for-30” blitz of stories - 30 reasons No. 30 needs to be in the Hall of Fame now - and we will run one post (one reason) each day before the HOF vote.

And we think you may be able to help us. We can all look up the stats, but let’s be more creative. Why do these stats and this player deserve to go in Canton?

Happy Birthday, T.D. - our present to you for all you did for the Broncos will hopefully be coming in February.