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Von Miller all business on the field (while promoting one or two off of it)

Even when getting ready for big games like this one agains the Chargers, Miller finds time to do good in the community, have fun, and of course do a little promotion.

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Von Miller had a busy offseason dancing and posing nude, you might be surprised to know his regular season outside of football is just as busy (though, with more clothes and fewer sequins).

A quick look at his @MillerLite40 timeline will prove how popular the linebacker is for endorsements, several of which we’ve highlighted before, plus a few new ones.

But he isn’t just about endorsements.

The creator of Von’s Vision - which will host its sold-out Celebrity Steak-Out Nov. 7 to bring eye care to Denver’s low-income families - likes to spend his days off having fun and doing good in the community (and maybe plugging a company or two along the way for good measure - and good business).

Miller personally congratulated the students and faculty at an assembly and spoke on something he knows a lot about - how hard work pays off.

And since it was Von, of course he took time for a bunch of selfies and a dance-off.

(In the "plugging a company" department, the face of Old Spice’s current NFL campaign added a few tips on good personal hygiene and self confidence).

But lest you worry No. 58 is spending too much free time focusing on his endorsements, Miller has been making his dominance known on the football field too.

Miller snapped his streak of at least one sack per game last week against the Texans, which the linebacker shrugged off because he helped achieve the ultimate stat - a win.

Miller is still all about football business when it comes to preparing for games - especially AFC foes like the Chargers, which the Broncos face this week.

And with the Chargers, comes Philip Rivers - always a worthy adversary for Miller (and a favorite one as No. 17 is the quarterback he has sacked most often in his career).

But in between is running back Melvin Gordon, who had a 95-yard game against the Broncos two weeks ago, as well as a Chargers defense that played well above its pay grade in the teams’ first meeting this season.

"Melvin Gordon is a good running back, and their defense is just playing lights out," Miller noted. "We need to play better than their defense. We have to create turnovers for our offense and that’s where it starts for us."

Well, after Miller puts on a little Old Spice to smell good when he says "hi" to Rivers.