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Horse Tracks: The Broncos add a sweet link

The Denver Broncos landed a sweet tight end, honored the military, and more in today’s Horse Tracks.

The Big Story this week was CJ Anderson being out after meniscus surgery, but since there are several stories out there, will focus on another...

Which is what trading for AJ Derby could mean for our offense. I’ve written since the final 53 roster that we needed another TE. A Gary Kubiak offense with six WR and 1.5 TEs was a WTH? Yes, I had said 1.5. John Phillips is half, Virgil Green one and had no idea what Jeff Heuermann was doing. I had even surmised about using Andy Janovich as a HB to fill this gap.

Now we have added two. One to the PS and one to the 53. If you've ever seen Animal House, the Flounder in me is saying, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh, Boy!

I'm going to overlook the fact that AJ was a, gasp, Patriot*. It’s not his fault he was drafted by the Sith Lord.

If you read, What’s wrong with DT, then you know that I lamented about him being used more as a slot than a wideout. Having a catching TE would free him and Emmanuel Sanders from the purgatory of being a slot.

Plus, it might give Trevor Siemian a trusted guy to throw to the middle and right. Having a safety net, could open the whole game for him and increase his field usage. WCO is based on a dink and dunk, often only using a quarter or half of a field. The rest of the receivers are just cover. However, it does require some deep completions a few times a game to back defenders off so the run game has a chance. Plus using different sections effectively.

Not to mention, it gives a slot maybe one less linebacker turning him into Swiss cheese. A big TE who can catch and be a weapon, can draw coverage away from the wideouts. They often need two or three defenders to bring one down. If you've been watching any Bronco football this season, you've noticed we have some difficulty in stopping TE’s. The fact that we may have just added one is icing on an offensive Orange and Navy cupcake. Filled with gooey chocolate. Woohoo!

ICYMI our injury report is a little concerning .

Horse Tracks

John Elway nails it..."The West is by far the best division, so we've got a dogfight."

WTG Bradley! Kids and Breast Cancer Survivors.

After watching some Jags game it's clear to me that what the Jags are missing is Shane Falco. If your QB has no heart, no fire, isn't ticked off after a win and your HC doesn't seem to care either, you're in deep trouble. Say what you want about Phillip Rivers, that dude cares when his team loses. Well be seeing that on Sunday. Big Jethro Bodine tears.

If I was GM Dave Caldwell, I'd be looking for a QB in the first or second round. Use him to light some fire under his QB, if it works, yay, develop the rookie as his back up or trade him. If it doesn't give Bortles a pulse, then dump him. They need another legit QB, anyway besides Chad Henning.

When news broke that Pat was leaving the NFL, my military family was awestruck and so grateful that our country had men who were willing to give up glory for country. His death left a deep sadness. Glad to see the NFL honoring him this way.

Continuing the military slant with another ahhh article...

Broncos fans know all too well how this disease is a horrible thief. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and the players who he made better.

Have a Game, Michael!

Nothing was going to stop this dad from watching his son.