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Horse Tracks: San Diego Chargers declined in Denver versus Broncos

It'll be a cold day in heck when the San Diego chargers sweep the Denver Broncos.

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Well how about that? Let's be honest, folks, being a Denver Broncos fan will take years off our lives. At least that's what my buddy told me during Sunday's game, and I believe him. I will never knock a Broncos win, but these slow starts are killing me.

Yes, the Broncos scored a field goal on their first drive of the day. After that, I got that familiar feeling in my gut that the go-for-the-throat mentality wasn't there. There are just times when it's painfully apparent that the offense is opting to play it safe and it's terrifying to watch.

First and foremost, the Broncos offense has got to work on plays and play-calling when they're backed up in their own end zone. In the 4th quarter, it was a miracle that the Broncos didn't succumb to a safety when they chose to run it up the middle for little gain and negative yardage. Were it not for the kindness of the referees, the holding call that was erroneously deemed to have occurred outside of the endzone should have been a safety for the Chargers.

It's not just when the Broncos start drives at their own 2-yardline. When the Broncos are in tough offensive situations, their response is to fold up shop. It happens at halftime, too. Against the Texans last week, the Broncos had an opportunity to drive the field for a fieldgoal and opted, instead, to hit the locker room. Against the Chargers in their first matchup a few weeks ago, interim coach Rick Dennison did the same thing. This week, I don't know what the heck happened. On 4th down, rather than punt the ball away to effectively end the half, the Broncos threw the ball on 4th down giving San Diego ridiculously good field position and time left on the clock.

Last season, the mantra was 'kicking and screaming.' I don't feel that with this offense. This season, it's more like 'fold, hold, andt pray like heck the defense scores.' While it's winning Denver ballgames this year, it's not going to cut it against the Patriots and in the playoffs. Defensive scores need to be the gravy and not the main course. Relying on them to win football games may get you from week to week, but when you need them most, they may not be there like what happened against Atlanta and in San Diego earlier this season.


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