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Is there a quarterback controversy in Denver?

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro had the same conversation every Broncos fan has been having since Paxton Lynch trotted out onto the field against the Bucs. Is it time to move to the rookie? 

Has Trevor Siemian served his purpose for this Broncos team? The Afternoon Drive took some time on Monday to discuss the Broncos quarterback situation. Did the injury to Siemian open up the team to a QB controversy?

There has been a loud debate in Broncos Country since the start of the preseason. Who should be the starting quarterback. When Trevor Siemian won the job, many fans were very excited to see the 7th round draft pick earn his chance. And with the Broncos sitting at 4-0, it seemed as if the starting job would be his for the foreseeable future.

Of course, football is a fickle mistress. Injuries can change things quick. When Siemian went down with a shoulder during the Tampa Bay game Lynch came in and did more than just hold down the fort. It was pretty clear that the rookie was the superior athlete. He gave many fans the tingles.

Does that mean that Siemian should take a back seat to Lynch? Some have already made that call. Others are still willing to wait. What is apparent is that the Broncos future is Paxton Lynch. He showed in just over one half that he is poised to take the reins sooner rather than later.

It might be the best possible position for the Broncos to be in. The rookie can continue to learn and grow, while getting spot work as the season goes on. Siemian has proven he is more than capable of guiding the offense and leading the team.

Bonus Listen:

Aqib Talib spoke with Goodman and Shapiro after the game. Obviously, it was just business as usual for the Broncos tone setter.