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Power rankings around the web: Week 5

The Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL right now.

Denver Broncos v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I know it’s still early in the season and no one knows what will happen the next few weeks and months. But it’s fun to look back to the not-so-distant past . . .

2016 Playoff Predictions: AFC West via Sept. 1st 2016

20 writers were asked who would win the AFC West.

12 writers picked the Chiefs.

6 writers picked the Raiders.

2 writers picked the Broncos - the defending Super Bowl Champions.

The Broncos are currently 4-0 and sit atop the entire AFC.

And are ranked #1 in all of the power rankings below. Right where they belong.

Go Broncos!

ESPN: (1) last week 1

You can run but you really can't hide from this Broncos pass rush. Denver has pressured opposing quarterbacks on a league-best 38.4 percent of dropbacks. Next highest? 32.3 percent (Bills).

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Seahawks 3. Steelers 4. Patriots 5. Vikings (1) last week 2

Can't leave these fellas out of the top spot anymore. Seeing how the Patriots got blown out at home with a backup QB while the Broncos comfortably won on the road with their No. 2, putting Gary Kubiak's squad at the top spot in the rankings makes complete sense. At the quarter pole, Denver has proven that the ancillary (non-QB) parts are premium -- SEE: entire defense, C.J. Anderson, special teams -- so any deficiency under center is mitigated, even when compared to the top teams in the league.

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Patriots 4. Seahawks 5. Packers

MHR: (1) last week 1a (Patriots were 1b)

The Broncos are still first until they’re not.

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Eagles 4. Steelers 5. Patriots

SB Nation: (1) last week 1

Even when Trevor Siemian went down for the Broncos, the team didn't miss a beat with Paxton Lynch and easily put away the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-7.

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Patriots 4. Seahawks 5. Eagles

CBS Sports: (1) last week 2

The defense faces a stiff challenge this week against the Falcons' high-scoring offense. Can they slow Matt Ryan?

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Packers 4. Patriots 5. Eagles

FOX Sports: (1) last week 2

The Broncos proved once again that they’re the real deal, and could possibly be the best team in the NFL. There are no truly great squads right now, but the Broncos are as close as they come -- and they have two capable quarterbacks, too. Their latest win over the Buccaneers was dominant once again.

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Steelers 4. Packers 5. Eagles

MMQB Fine Fifteen: (1) last week 2

It was the Broncos’ turn to withstand a QB injury. No problem. They expect Trevor Siemian to be back next week.

Top 5: 1. Broncos 2. Vikings 3. Patriots 4. Packers 5. Eagles

Which teams are in your top 5?