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MHR Live: Falcons at Broncos, the analytics

Today is the day that we destroy the East Coast media bias...

Since John Elway took over as general manager in 2012 the Denver Broncos are 54-14, they've had one Super Bowl win and two AFC titles. The New England Patriots are 51-17, they've had one Super Bowl and one one AFC title.

So who really is the gold standard in the NFL? Certainly not the Patriots, not in the last five years. What do your rings mean if you had a kid the last time New England was relevant and the kid is attending 1st grade next year?

And through it all the Patriots have had one quarterback-- Tom Brady. Denver has had five (and possibly six): Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler and Trevor Siemian.

Here's how I learned to stop worrying and love John Elway.

Denver is the second most winning franchise in sports, they just took over the Los Angeles Lakers spot.

What's going on with Aqib Talib? Will he face suspension?

Where does Denver stand at the quarterback position? Will Trevor Siemian remain the starter for the Atlanta Falcons game or are we going to get to witness the golden child, rookie Paxton Lynch in his first start?

Join host Ian Henson live as we take all of your questions and do our best to give you all of the answers.