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Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 5) FOX

Courtesy of, here is a breakdown of who is getting the Broncos game this Sunday.

The (4-0) Denver Broncos return home this Sunday to play the (3-1) Atlanta Falcons. If you’re in the BLUE you’re getting the Broncos game on your local FOX station. Chris Myers and John Lynch are calling the game.

You can find all the NFL broadcast maps for Week 5 here.

The Broncos are currently ranked first in the AFC West (as well as the AFC), ahead of the Raiders by one game, the Chiefs by two games, and the Chargers by three games.

The (3-1) Oakland Raiders are playing (1-3) San Diego Chargers in Oakland this Sunday.

This is bye week for the (2-2) Kansas City Chiefs.

As far as the two other undefeated teams in the NFL the (3-0) Minnesota Vikings are hosting the (3-1) Houston Texans and the (1-3) Detroit Lions are hosting the (3-0) Philadelphia Eagles in two of the early games this Sunday. Another notable early game involves the New England Patriots (with Tom Brady in case you hadn’t heard) who get to play the Cleveland Browns in Ohio.

The Broncos are 9-5 verses the Falcons all-time. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:05PM MT.