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Adam Schefter said ‘signs point’ to Paxton Lynch starting for Denver Broncos

On 104.3 The Fan, Adam Schefter felt confident that Paxton Lynch is in line to start Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The big question this week has been whether Trevor Siemian will be ready to start Sunday for the Denver Broncos as they host the Atlanta Falcons. He started to practice again for the first time this week on Thursday, but so far Paxton Lynch has been taking all of the first team reps.

On Schlereth and Evans Thursday, Adam Schefter said that Siemian is clearly still the starter, but he may not be ready to go by Sunday.

“I think Gary has made it very clear. They’re preparing as if Trevor Siemian will play. Trevor Siemian wants to play. They want him to play,” Schefter said. “But when you look at it I think the signs point to Paxton Lynch starting just right now.”

Head coach Gary Kubiak is less committal regarding that. The big test for Siemian will be on Friday.

“He took some 7-on-7, some of that [skeleton] stuff that we do,” Kubiak said of Siemian’s practice session on Thursday. “He did all of the individual stuff and pre-practice. He threw. It was a step forward. We’ll see how sore he is, see how he’s feeling as we move to tomorrow. Hopefully he does a little more.”

By Friday afternoon, it looks like we’ll pretty much know where Kubiak’s mindset is. If Siemian isn’t able to go, then Lynch will get his first official start of his career against a very good Falcons team.