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Is Gary Kubiak using gamesmanship with the Broncos quarterbacks?

The Afternoon Drive debated on Friday if Kubiak was doing this to throw off the Atlanta Falcons.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When coaches and teams find themselves in a predicament, there’s this belief they partake in gamesmanship. Perhaps it’s because of the coach in New England or just because they think it gives them an advantage of some kind.

It’s total nonsense and hogwash to think that gives a team an advantage. It might work in high school football, but not the NFL. Nevertheless it still happens.

On Friday’s The Afternoon Drive, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro asked if that’s what Gary Kubiak has done this week with his quarterback situation for the Denver Broncos. They both said it’s not on the level of Bill Belichick, but it’s definitely there.

Goodman and Shapiro also said there’s no need for Kubiak to name a starter - at least on a Friday with two days before the game.

We should have a clearer idea after Saturday’s walk through of what Kubiak is thinking and who could start on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Bonus listen: Our own Tim Lynch joined the show to discuss the nonsensical idea that the Broncos should trade for who?