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Broncos to honor survivors of all types of cancer at halftime today

Launching their “Fight Like a Bronco” campaign, the franchise is honoring and donating money to research of different types of cancer.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos franchise never disappoints when it comes to celebrating and honoring its own.

Whether it’s recognizing the amazing accomplishments of past players through the Ring of Fame, thanking the talents of current players with the best facilities or saluting the best fans in the NFL by getting out into the community, the Broncos do it right.

And they’re doing it again today with their “Fight Like a Bronco” campaign to honor cancer survivors during halftime of the Denver-Atlanta game.

Although October’s “breast cancer awareness month” has traditionally been recognized by the NFL with players wearing pink on the designated game day, the Broncos realized it was important to go beyond honoring breast cancer survivors and beyond just wearing pink.

It’s time to help those fighting the good fight against a terrible disease no matter what form it may take.

“We are expanding and becoming more all-inclusive on the cancer platform,” said Cindy Kellogg, vice president of community development for the Broncos. “I don’t think any of us in our community can say that they haven’t in some way been touched by cancer and I think this was a very important step for our organization to take to evolve and meet with the times.”

Like previous years, the Broncos will recognize 125 cancer survivors at halftime, but they are doing more than that too; this year they are also giving money to cancer research.

The grants include $20,000 breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen Colorado and then $40,000 to the American Cancer Society to split equally between pediatric cancer research and colorectal screening among under-served communities.

“I’m really excited for Broncos Charities to be a part of this launch this weekend on the granting side as well,” Kellogg said.

The survivor guests will be in the orange “Fight Like a Bronco” shirts and will don a new “Fight Like a Bronco” lapel pin. As fans exit the game, they will receive the typical pink ribbon magnet with a bit of a twist – it will also have orange and blue and carry the “Fight Like a Bronco” moniker.

“It’s very personal to our Broncos family,” Kellogg added. “We actually have colleagues, some right now who are in the fight against cancer and some who have close family members who are survivors. Over the past couple of years in particular, our Broncos family has really been touched.”

On a personal note, a fellow MHR member whom I’ve never met but have exchanged emails about the Broncos on many occasion – and have introduced to all of you once or twice as “Kevin from Alaska” - lost both his wife and son to cancer this summer. I know many more of us here have dealt with this disease ourselves or among those we love.

It’s good to see the Broncos go beyond the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” campaign and put some money into making a difference for all cancers.

Mile High Salute to a team that knows how to do it right – and a bigger one to all those who have had to fight the fight.

Now, #FightLikeABronco!