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Report: Gary Kubiak scheduled to be released from hospital this afternoon

Gary Kubiak was taken to the hospital with flu-like symptoms

Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Denver Broncos Vice President of Public Relations, Patrick Smyth tweeted around 5:30 MT that head coach Gary Kubiak was taken to the hospital after the game with flu-like symptoms.

This is the first major health incident that we have heard about from Kubiak since he collapsed on the field during a game in 2013 while with the Houston Texans.

He did speak to the media directly after the game, and was apparently taken to the hospital after that.

We will update with any new information that we get.

Hopeful for a speedy recover for our head coach.

UPDATE: 10/10

Kubiak’s availability Thursday is officially in question.

UPDATE: 10/10

This sounds like more than “flu-like symptoms”. It’s encouraging to hear that the tests are coming back good.

UPDATE: 10/10

The Broncos released this statement at 9:45 MDT

After experiencing flu-like symptoms following Sunday’s game, Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak underwent several precautionary tests at a local hospital. These included an MRI and CT scan, both of which came back normal.

Kubiak was diagnosed with a complex migraine condition that caused extreme fatigue and body weakness. He received medication and is feeling much better with an expected release from the hospital this afternoon.

John Elway will be meeting the media at 2 p.m. MDT to give an update on Coach Kubiak’s status.