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Halloween week showed some dang spooky play...AFC West Week 8

RAIDERS make history, Chargers lost voltage and Kansas City went Chiefless.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

And then there were two. San Diego dropped further down into the tar pits.

It was a week that saw a Dancing T-Rex, a record number of penalties and an Andy Reid drafted QB seamlessly step in to lead his team to a win. We saw a catch made that not even the #NoFlyZone could stop, even if they wore Superman capes. We saw one pirate team loot another. We saw a Rivers stop flowing and a frightful hit on a QB.

Okaland 6 2 0.75 215 203
Denver 6 2 0.75 194 136
Kansas City 5 2 0.714 166 137
San Diego 3 5 0.375 225 212

Oakland @ Tampa 30-24

I know they're 6-2, but the Raiders just aren't good. They came seconds from losing in OT to the Bucs. Their entire team is like our offense. Some really good pieces that aren't put together well. You either get the Alien or Ellen Ripley (my favorite movie hero), but more times than not, you get the 12 Alien, Ripley.

The Raiders played this whole game with some of the most idiotic and historic penalties. This is a sloppy team. Back to back calls for the wrong players on the field? It's not like they needed to play that hard. Derek Carr is one uneven QB. Flashes of brilliance and then, WTH?! Can't quite figure out if his receivers are running the wrong route or he has brain freezes or muscle spasms, but he's a QB I wouldn't bet on.

This team is beating poor franchises and the Bucs without Doug Martin, or a good secondary, is the NFC version of the Jags, but with a better QB. This team has no chance against Denver.

Injuries: Raider, Sean Smith, shoulder. Bucs, Jacquizz Rogers, foot

Kansas City @ Indianapolis 30-14

KC’s defense gave Indy’s porous OL fits and the result was a tough day for Andrew Luck. Even when he had time to throw and fairly open guys, his passes were often off. They had no run game and with KC basically taking Jack Doyle out, Luck was stuck with short passes and his own legs. It would seem whenever Luck had all kinds of time to throw, it was because of holding...when he wasn't sacked.

For KC, they played tag team with their QB due to Alex Smith thinking he's Cam Newton and getting hit in the head more than once. Nick Foles showed that several teams were dumb not to take him.

When they were down to one third string RB (we feel your pain), he was still able to spread the ball around. KC used their TEs to help block and catch (who suffered a bad call which very well would have lead to another TD). The result was KC looking like they have an offense and defense that can make a PO run. If this continues, Denver faces a steep challenge.

Injuries: Spencer Ware, Alex Smith both concussions

San Diego @ Denver 19-27

This will be an unpopular opinion, but we won because SD’s defense can't catch. The fact we escaped with only one INT (pick six) backs up the old adage of, better to be lucky than good. Week in and week out Trevor Siemian shows he's the luckiest QB in the NFL. H

Siemain spread the ball around more than any game he's played; unfortunately, the result was a 52% completion rate. Except for TB when he only threw seven passes, his completion rate has dropped each week. Add to that, only 3 TDs since Cincinnati and there’s an issue that can't be ignored. We had a great run game last week and still only 56%.

69.2, 66.7, 65.7, 71.4(5-7), 60.0, 56.0, 52.6

Siemian did make three really good throws. Amazing catches by Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Jordan ‘Sunshine’ Taylor and Virgil Green (a TE sighting! Please use him more!!) showed we have the catching tools. The drop rate for Siemian is 2.2% on passes that are considered catchable.

Our run game struggled for several reasons. Andy Janovich was playing with a club on his hand. CJ Anderson being out, hurt everyone. He's good at juking and reading defenses (the Peyton gift that keeps on giving). When Devontae Booker went out for a few plays, we were down to Kapri Bibbs. Our OL needs better run technique. Not to mention, Jeff Heuermann has been in 99 snaps, what is he doing? He and John Phillips, were little help. (Please, please let AJ Derby be worth his trade!) 57 yards. SMH

Our defense needs a ticker tape parade (again). Yes, they struggled a little against the run, but Melvin Gordon is a special cat. The top nine scorers are kickers, know who’s number 10? Gordon with 60. So, give our guys a break. Not a lot of Melvins out there.

Phillip Rivers is a fierce competitor, but even he was seeing wolf ghosts. I gave my game ball to Derek Wolfe because he abused Phil so much, I'm surprised he wasn't arrested during the game for spousal abuse, because he sure made Rivers his bi...wife. welcome back DeMarcus Ware! I believe just having him out there elevated our entire defense even though we were without firebrand Aqib Talib, Brandon Marshall and Kayvon Webster. Darrion Stewart and TJ Ward took the little used guys under their wingS and showed that a great defense is one that communicates.

Shout out to my son, Riley Dixon (not really, but I'd adopt him) for that game saving BOOming punt. You know, if we ever need a drop kick for points and we have 20 or 30 seconds on the clock, why not try it instead of hitting the locker room? Something to ponder.

Injuries: Denver, Keyvon Webster, hamstring