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Emmanuel Sanders: Poor stats of Broncos’ opposing defenses are fool’s gold

Denver’s receiver told The Afternoon Drive that the offense just has to execute better.

When it comes to the struggles for the Denver Broncos on offense, one item gets pushed to the front of the line. The defenses the Broncos play aren’t very good, especially when you look at the statistics. The same drum is being played as we speak with another bad defense in the New Orleans Saints on the horizon.

Add them to the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders - just few of the bad defenses Denver’s offense has faced and made to look like the Steel Curtain. Thus, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive asked Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders if stats in that sense are fool’s gold.

“Yeah, it’s fool’s gold,” Sanders told the guys. “Because it’s all about that team that day and the offense that can go out and execute. And right now, we’re not executing the way we’re supposed to be executing. I say that in all honesty. We need to execute better, and, hopefully, we will this game.”

The most important issue for Sanders and Denver’s putrid offense is getting the run game established. If that doesn’t happen, turn out the lights. The Broncos cannot go into the Superdome and keep pace with Drew Brees.

“In the last game against Oakland, we didn’t have the ball very much,” Sanders said. “So we have to be run the ball better, we gotta stop these three-and-outs and we just gotta get better.”

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