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Horse Tracks: Winning, Service and Football go together like...

Better late than never!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I love competition. Why? Because when you compete you strive. The goal is to be better. Even in a biggest loser competition. The very act of competing means you want to achieve. Regardless of the prize at the end, the will to work for something more, makes me happy. To watch or participate.

I guess that's why I love Veteran's Day. Seeing the country (and the sports world) honor the men and women who's entire life is about striving. Once a person dons the uniform of a military branch, they just entered a world built on competition. Every day you wake up and what's asked of you, is to reach a goal. A goal not just for yourself, but your unit, your command, your branch, your country. You're not only striving and achieving for your own personal fulfillment, but you're doing it for others, too.

There's a saying in the Navy: you're only as strong as your weakest link. It doesn't matter how strong your anchor is or your hull, neither are useful if the chain breaks. Based on this philosophy, the military and sports teams, are very similar. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest QB or DB if he's only playing for himself. In order to reach the pinnacle, you have to help each other up. Build each other up.

I bring this up because this week we saw DeMarcus Ware get nominated for USAA'S Salute to Service Award. Ware didn't go out of his way to donate his time and energy to the military to be nominated, he did it because he respects what they do. I could spend more time on this very dear subject to me, but it's Saturday and there is football to watch, so I'll wrap it up. VOTE FOR DEMARCUS. Ok? Show the NFL and USAA that Broncos Country IS THE BEST. Lets win! Win, WIN. Send a tweet to @NFL @USAA with #DeMarcusWare #SalutetoService

On this Veteran’s Day, pay tribute through USAA’s Salute to Service Award - Mile High Report
The Denver Broncos Nominate DeMarcus Ware for the 6th Annual Salute to Service Award. Presented by USAA

I saw this happen as obviously I'm a Seminole. Oh, yeah, it got me. My family has been on the homecoming end of more homecomings than I care to think about. So, they always make me tear up.

Soldier surprises wife, kids at FSU-BC game
It was a Veterans Day surprise family reunion at the Florida State University football game. Watch U.S. Army soldier Ryan Otto stun his wife, Jennifer, and their four children on the field in front of 80,000 people. It's an incredibly heartwarming Must See Moment for Veterans Day.

Antonio Brown to honor Pat Tillman on his shoes | ProFootballTalk
Steelers receiver Antonio Brown frequently wears custom shoes to honor people he admires, and on Veteran's Day he announced that he'll honor one of the most admired players in NFL history, Pat Tillman.

Speaking of teamwork even if its forced on you...Stephen Jones: Romo probably open to backup role -

With Tony Romo fully practicing this week for the first time since suffering a compression fracture in his back in August, the answer to the big question in Dallas is coming sooner rather than later.

Ex-Dolphins, Rams running back Pead reportedly in critical condition after accident | ProFootballTalk
Former Dolphins and Rams running back Isaiah Pead is reportedly in critical condition after being involved in an auto accident Saturday morning in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

The Most Valuable Teams In The NFL
The average NFL team is now worth $2 billion, 38% more than a year ago

Showing the NFL does get a lot right.

Travis Kelce fined $24K for unsportsmanlike conduct -
Travis Kelce's laundry-tossing antics have cost him more than just an ejection. The Chiefs tight end was fined $24,309 for unsportsmanlike conduct, Ian Rapoport reports.

Have a great Saturday everyone and Go Broncos!