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The Broncos big play had a hidden hero

Jared Crick had a little conversation with Les Shapiro after the Broncos big win against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. His final comment stands out.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive were just as shocked as anybody about the way the Broncos won. During their conversation, Les brought up Crick’s role in the blocked point after. It may have been the biggest little hold this season.

As Justin Simmons prepared to soar through the air, Crick, along with Adam Gotsis, reached out and gave the center and the guard a little tug. This allowed Simmons to get over the line, and his block led to Will Parks unreal two point conversion. It was the play of the game.

While the play was huge, it was the end of the interview that stood out. Crick mentioned getting prepared for the rest of the season, calling them six playoff games. With the difficulty of the Broncos schedule, there could be as many as four losses on the horizon. The Broncos will need to be ready to go against the Chiefs twice, Raiders once, and New England.

Then Goodman talks about wanting the Saints to make the PAT. The logic is interesting. What would Trevor Siemian have been able to do? Does he have ice in his veins, or is he just passionless? It would have been interesting to see. Let’s just say, I’m happy we don’t have to find out.

Bonus Listen

Mike Pritchard joins Eric and Les to discuss how the Broncos could get better.