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Broncos must work out the kinks over the bye

As Adam Malnati and Ian St. Clair discuss on the MHR Radio podcast, the week off comes at the right time but needs to be used wisely.

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The Denver Broncos get their bye week at the absolute right time.

Not only does it allow guys like Derek Wolfe, Aqib Talib and Andy Janovich to get healthier, but the whole team to get away from football. The season takes a toll on the body, but also punishes the mind. That holds true for the players and coaches ... you could include the fans in that, as well. Look no further than the most recent 25-23 win. It’s just another to add to the list over the last season+ that has put fans through the ringer.

The other benefit of the bye is to work out the kinks; especially on offense and at the quarterback position. As Adam Malnati and I discuss on the Mile High Report Radio podcast, Gary Kubiak and the Broncos are pretty much stuck with what they have on the offensive line. You can hope they continue to build chemistry and cohesiveness, but in Week 11 there isn’t much left. Joe Thomas isn’t walking through that door.

That means Kubiak and the offensive coaches must use this time to correct Trevor Siemian’s issues before the final six games commence. The play at quarterback has to get better, as both Kubiak and Siemian have said. In thought, those issues are the most likely to get fixed so use this time in the most beneficial way - for the offense and the team.

Denver’s bye week comes at the perfect time. It’s just a matter of the Broncos using it wisely. Tied into that, someone ensure Talib doesn’t make a trip to Dallas. In all seriousness, enjoy the week off from football. The last six games will be a wild ride.