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How would you fix the Denver Broncos offense right now, today?

Think about what Gary Kubiak could do to get more from this offense immediately.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro caught up with former Denver Broncos safety Nick Ferguson to discuss how he would fix the offensive woes the team is experiencing this season.

It begs the question, how would any of us fix these offensive issues right now, today?

My long answer would be to do give up on the Trevor Siemian experiment and roll with the rookie first round pick, but only when it becomes absolutely apparent this team is doomed in the playoffs. Right now, today, it doesn’t appear that dark and gloomy. So I would say Gary Kubiak is doing exactly what he should be doing to get the most out of this woeful unit already. There is no getting more from them at this point.

They are who we think they are.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les pose the question ‘If Tony Romo is available next season, should the Broncos go get him?’

Long and short answer: No.