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Horse Tracks: A bye week is a perfect time to vote for Pro Bowl selections

Votes, Votes, Votes.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

We all assume our players won't be at the Pro Bowl, but vote for them anyway. Not only do they want the prestige, it also comes with financial reward. Vote below. All our players are on one page making it nice and easy.

Also, don't forget to vote for DeMarcus Ware. Tweet @USAA @NFL #DeMarcusWare and #SalutetoService

Want to tell Mike Baker the President of the HOF about getting our guys in? Tweet him and the HOF here: @PFHOFPrez and @ProFootballHOF Here's the list of nominees:

A field of 94 nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2017 was condensed to 26 candidates on Wednesday during NFL Network's Gold Jacket Semifinalists special.

When you win like BB* and have a knack of creating players, who needs stinkin' analytics?

This just in: Bill Belichick is old and grumpy

Some of you may know that I was one of Brock Osweiler's (I use a different variation of his last name using a relative of a mule) biggest critics. So this delights me to no end. Except we did waste four years on him. Which in no small way has a bearing on my feelings towards sitting Paxton Lynch.

Brock Osweiler tops 2016's biggest free-agent flops -

After switching teams, Coby Fleener, Brock Osweiler and Chris Ivory all entered 2016 with great expectations. Buyer's remorse, anyone? Chris Wesseling ranks free-agent disappointments.

Then we have this story. Summed up, Trevor isn't good, but it's too late to start the season over with Lynch, so we just hope and pray for our defense to play lights out and TS not to screw up too much. Lovely.

The one big reason the Broncos cannot bench Trevor Siemian | FOX Sports

Denver's postseason hopes ride on the placeholder quarterback.

While we're on a run of current and past QB's, here's this. Another QB I knew was a bust before he ever took a snap as a Bronco. He did play with passion, never blamed anyone for his failures, so he rates above A er Osweiler.

Anonymous scouts rip Mets' Tim Tebow |

The scouts have spoken, and Mets minor-leaguer Tim Tebow is...ugly?

I'm sure many of our friends south of the border would love this..thinking of you, Ruben.

NFL returns to Mexico, aims to make this an annual occurrence -

When the Raiders face the Texans in Estadio Azteca on Monday, it'll mark the NFL's first game in Mexico in over a decade. But Judy Battista says the league wants to make it an annual occurrence.

Enjoy your bye week y'all and don't forget to vote!