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Power Rankings Week 9: AFC West dominates among the best

The Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers are all in the top half of our Power Rankings, but with the majority of their match-ups still to come, a leader will be forced to emerge.

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Week 8 did not make it any more clear who is the best in the NFL, but I can try to decipher what I know, which is pretty much nothing. One thing I do know, is that the Broncos were consistently ranked low last year, and they won the Super Bowl, so I am happy to keep them out of the top spot until then. Here are my power rankings for week 9!

  1. New England Patriots - No, this isn't a scary Halloween hangover nightmare. The Patriots look good, and are only getting better with their health improving.I'm just hoping they are peaking before playoff time.
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  3. Dallas Cowboys - After America awkwardly broke up with it's team because of their terrible play and questionable morals, who would have guessed that they would draft two rookies who would win back the hearts of Americans everywhere (along with a lot of games)?
  4. Denver Broncos - The Broncos bounced back nicely against the Chargers at home. However, they need to improve their road game with some tough competition coming up. Trevor Siemian needs to prove he has a higher ceiling, or the coaches might look for a spark who can potentially blow the roof off the joint before it comes crashing down on its own.
  5. Minnesota Vikings - The Vikings have had a rough couple of losses, it seems like Sam Bradford lost his way. If Zimmer really is copying notes from Kubiak, the defense will figure out a way to bail Sammy out.
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  7. Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons won an impressive stretch of games and have since struggled. They will find their way back in a weak division, but can they stay competitive in the playoffs?
  8. Oakland Raiders - With the lowest point differential of any winning team, the world is about to find out if the Raiders can finally compete with their historic foe. Careful Carr, or the eyeliner might start to run. Now that I think about it, he might fit in in Vegas; even if they are for real, it's probably too little too late to keep them in Oakland anyway.
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  10. Seattle Seahawks - Somehow this team wiggles it's way out of losses more than I would like to see. But the last two weeks it seems to have caught up with them. Russell Wilson is finally looking to everyone else the way he has looked to me: mediocre and a little too careless with his body. Are the "12s" blaming Ciara yet?
  11. Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles defense looked hot against the Vikings, but not so against the Cowboys. Maybe they are just ironing out the wrinkles… but this team is hard to predict.
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben might come back this week, and I am sure Antonio Brown and Co. would really appreciate that. They play division rival Ravens this week, in a game that could determine the playoffs.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs- Of course the Chiefs get to play the Jaguars next week at home, but they are missing Ware, and possibly Smith. One way or another, the AFC West is going to have to decide on a dominant team.
  14. San Diego Chargers - I can't decide if the Chargers are lucky, or unlucky. Neither game against the Broncos helped me figure it out either. All I know is I love when the camera pans to Phillip Rivers crying on the turf.
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  16. Green Bay Packers - The Packers might actually be in trouble, with their wide receiver turned running back sick, I don't even know who was back there.

  17. New Orleans Saints - This team is underrated, and I am a little nervous for the Broncos to play against Drew Brees in New Orleans. And after firing Rob Ryan, the Saints' defense finally seems to be figuring out how to stop other teams.
  18. Houston Texans - Osweiler is giving the Texans buyers remorse, and has proven to be cause for concern. In Denver, a collective "told you" can be heard every time he hands the ball to another team.
  19. Arizona Cardinals - David Johnson is single-handedly keeping the Cardinals, and my fantasy football team, alive this season.
  20. - 20. All the other teams fighting to stay in playoff contention. Honestly, the top 15 were hard enough to rank, this season is contentious. And most of these other teams probably suck.