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Rapoport: Tony Romo eyeing Denver as potential landing spot

According to Ian Rapoport, Tony Romo would prefer to finish out his career with the Denver Broncos.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the horror of Denver Broncos fans everywhere, Tony Romo is eyeing Denver as a potential landing spot if John Elway decides Paxton Lynch needs another year to develop.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, that is Romo’s ideal situation. He clearly wants to be on a contender.

There will be a market for Romo this offseason, as the team will look to trade him. Though owner Jerry Jones said he's given no consideration to having Romo on another team, carrying him as the backup for another year doesn't seem realistic. Romo, I'm told, already has eyes on the Broncos as a possible destination if general manager John Elway decides Paxton Lynch needs another year and that Trevor Siemian isn't the guy. Other options, depending on a variety of factors, include the Bears, Jets, Cardinals, and Bills. When the Cowboys do trade him, they'll still have to deal with about a $20 million salary-cap hit. Romo will have significant say in the matter given that he will need to renegotiate his deal. He, essentially, could veto any move.

Given how negatively Broncos Country reacted to trade rumors around Romo, him coming to Denver wouldn’t likely be a very popular decision. Still, the fact that he is eyeing Denver means that Elway already knows he is eyeing Denver.