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Week 11 NFL Sunday Open Thread

It’s the Bye Week for the Denver Broncos, so we only have to cheer for some AFC West losses this week!

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are getting healthy for the Sunday Night Football showdown in Mile High next week against the Kansas City Chiefs. This weekend, they’ll be rooting for their rivals downfall.

Early Games

There are not really a whole lot of interesting matchups early today. Clearly we want the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play lights out and beat the Chiefs. I’m not sure I care who wins between any of the other games. Although the Baltimore Ravens do sport the NFL’s best run defenses, so it should be fun to watch them try to stop Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys.

Late Games

The same goes for the late games. Although, the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks could be interesting is the Eagles play well. I also expect the Washington Redskins to take down the Green Bay Packers to close things out. Aaron Rodgers just hasn’t been playing well lately.