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Denver Broncos top 5 defensive plays through ten games

The Bye Week is over, but we have enough time for a few Top 5 lists before we all get back into the regular season grind.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I saved the best for last. With the Denver Broncos defense, we could easily have made this a top 10 or top 15 list. The playmakers on this defense are the reason this team is 7-3 over the first ten games of the season.

It was tough, but here are the top five plays from this elite defensive unit.

5. Darian Stewart feasts off of Drew Brees

With three turnovers off the New Orleans Saints, Darian Stewart came up in a huge way on the road against future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. None were as impressive as Stewart’s reaction to this tipped ball. Being the right place at the right time is a hallmark of a great player.

4. Aqib Talib picks on his former team

Aqib Talib set the tone early and often against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which helped the Broncos to a 27-7 blowout win on the road. This interception was very impressive. Talib followed Jameis Winston’s eyes and made a break on the ball that was slightly overthrown.

3. Bradley Roby breaks the offense out of its funk

It felt like the Broncos were going to get swept by the San Diego Chargers at one point early in the rematch, but then Bradley Roby took this tip ball drill all the way back for a touchdown. The game-changing play got the offense rolling and the Broncos would ultimately win the game.

2. Aqib Talib makes Andrew Luck pay

The Broncos defense took a three-point lead turned it into fourteen-points. It started with this pick-six from Aqib Talib. Talib just has an instinctual nose for the football. He made a fantastic jump on the ball and then bobbed and weaved his way for a 47-yard return.

1. Von Miller and Shane Ray deliver knockout blow

It was only a matter of time before Von Miller made this top five list. In a way only Miller can, he exploded off the edge into Luck to force this sack/strip. With the ball bouncing away, Shane Ray arrived to scoop it up and score the game-sealing touchdown to put the Colts away for good.

So what do you think, Broncos Country? Did we miss anything?