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NFL Playoff Picture: Raiders and Cowboys own the top seeds

There appears to be a changing of the guard in both conferences as two long-absent teams are making their playoff presence known.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There are six games remaining for all of the major playoff contenders. In the AFC, playoff positioning could shuffle plenty of times down the stretch as four teams are separated by just a single game. In the NFC, there is one team pulling away from the rest.

Every win is now critical for the Denver Broncos.

AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Oakland Raiders (8-2)
  2. New England Patriots (8-2)
  3. Houston Texans (6-4)
  4. Baltimore Ravens (5-5)
  5. Kansas City Chiefs (7-3)
  6. Denver Broncos (7-3)

In The Hunt

The Miami Dolphins are 6-4 and a game out of the wild card, while the Pittsburgh Steelers are 5-5 and lost out on the tie breaker with the Ravens. There are other teams, but those two could immediately swap out next week.

NFC Playoff Picture

  1. Dallas Cowboys (9-1)
  2. Seattle Seahawks (7-2-1)
  3. Detroit Lions (6-4)
  4. Atlanta Falcons (6-4)
  5. New York Giants (7-3)
  6. Washington Redskins (6-3-1)

In The Hunt

The Minnesota Vikings lost out on the tiebreaker with the Lions this week, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just a game back from the Falcons. There are other teams, but they need to put together a string of wins to challenge for a playoff spot.