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AFC West Week 11 Roundup

Thank you, Jameis; pound sand, Brent.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

What did you think about those games? The rankings? Think we pass the posers?

Oakland 8 2 0.800 272 243 2-1
Kansas City 7 3 0.700 222 187 2-0
Denver 7 3 0.700 239 189 1-2
San Diego 4 6 0.400 292 278 1-4

Buccaneers 19 (5-5) @ Chiefs 17 (7-3)

In last week’s preview, I said that TB could eke out a win if they limited TO's, Doug Martin had a better day then Spencer Ware and Jameis Winston wasn't wrapped up. That's exactly what happened. Their sole turn over was from a ball that slipped from Winston's hand. Oddly, Smith had a ball slip out, too. That's four games I've seen with the same issue. Are balls being over-inflated to make sure no Bradygate*?

What ended up being the real story was 3rd downs behind an OL that opened with a player in his very first start. A player that went out and was replaced. The Bucs as a whole had a 68.8% 3rd down conversion rate and had 27 1st downs. 331 passing yards for Jameis and 116 rush against a KC defense that was supposed to be very good. Helmed by a 22 year old behind a cobbled together OL.

Granted, by half time KC was short two players, but 442 offensive yards is a lot to give up and expect to win. (Winston continued his streak of throwing a TD in every game he’s played in since HS).

KC did increase their woeful third down rate up to 50%, but it took them to almost the half to have their first conversion. That was followed by an Alex Smith rush for a TD. As I've noted before, Smith is playing more aggressive this year between him taking more downfield shots and scrambling. Andy Reid needs to stop calling such conservative plays and let Smith go more. However, he also played against a poor defense. (wait until he meets the #NoFlyZone!

Injuries, Chiefs, Dee Ford, hamstring

Bucs, Brent Grimes, hamstring

Raiders 27 (8-2) vs Texans 20 (6-4)

Unfortunately, was right about this game, too. It was a train wreck to watch. From idiot fans shining lasers on the field, to strange and inexcusable calls and the Raiders defense forgetting how to cover.

The raiders secondary isn't good. Still shocked we lost and that the previously worst ranked starting QB was able to actually put together a game where he didn't look like a HS QB. He graduated to college. He still had his moments, but with the Raiders coverage skills, my grandma would've looked good. They gave Brent barn door size windows to throw into. Even then, he only mustered one TD. Plus, his usual INT.

The Raiders receivers forget how to catch, Carr came down to Earth, well, not all the way down since Mexico City is 7,500 FASL, but he didn't look great even though he still managed three TDs against a defense that was supposed to be a top five unit.

In the preview, I said Brent was why I gave the edge to Oakland. Had he not threw an INT, iffy spot calls wouldn't have mattered and they would've had a chance to win. Not to mention, he made some truly bad decisions showing he’s a panicker at heart. I know that’s not a word, but it needs to be. Because he couldn't pull off a win, my full on disdain is back in spades.

After watching the top two ranked teams in the AFC West, helmed by QBs who played sub average, I've come to the conclusion there is zero excuse for us not to beat both these teams. While our QB is ranked down in the bowls of mediocrity, our defense is far and away better than either of them. Our defense WILL rip the mantel back and place it rightfully on their shoulders.