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Week 12 Power Rankings around the web: Broncos borderline top five out there

Did the Denver Broncos bye week change where they stand in power rankings?

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NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I saw people say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beating the Kansas City Chiefs was a shock. Not to me. If a team can keep their turnovers to one, they have a good chance at beating an Andy Reid team and if you don’t wrap up Jameis Winston and Doug Martin, their offense is good enough to beat almost any defense. The Bucs problem has been injuries, new head coach calls and a spastic defense. Winston had a healthy Doug Martin and the Chiefs weren't prepared for them.

Can the Denver Broncos offense do the same? Do the men who sit behind desks think a Chiefs loss (lol) helped them? Let’s find out...

Fox 5(6)

The Broncos enjoyed their week off by watching the Chiefs lose to the Buccaneers in shocking fashion. The AFC West is still incredibly tight at the top, but there’s a bright side to that: All three contenders are near-locks to make the playoffs. Denver simply needs to get more out of Trevor Siemian.

Cowboys, Seahawks, Patriots* 6(6)

The Broncos were off last week, but when they take the field this week, Aqib Talib is likely to rejoin 'em. After missing the last three games with a back issue, Talib returned to practice last Tuesday before the bye-week break. His presence gives Denver three stud cornerbacks (along with Chris Harris Jr. and Bradley Roby) -- that's enough to blanket any trio of wideouts in the league, much less the group of guys Kansas City will be trotting out there on Sunday night. Oh, by the way: You know who else made his presence felt at the aforementioned Tuesday practice? Paxton Lynch, who got a full day of first-team reps.

Cowboys, Seahawks, Patriots*

CBS 4(5)

The question as they come out of their bye is whether their quarterback situation is good enough to win a Super Bowl. Do they go to Paxton Lynch?

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

NBC 6(6)

This is the last team the Raiders want to see in the playoffs.

Cowboys, Raiders, Seahawks

ESPN 5(4)

The Broncos' offense has been underwhelming this season, averaging just 1.79 points per drive (18th in the NFL). That's actually an improvement over last season though, when they averaged 1.56 per drive (24th). The Chiefs await in Week 12.

Cowboys, Seahawks, Patriots*

Yahoo Sports 5(6)

Aqib Talib’s absence probably hasn’t gotten enough attention. Talib has made the Pro Bowl each of the last three seasons, and a major reason the Broncos are so good on defense is that they have three top-flight cornerbacks. Tailb is practicing again, after missing three games with a back injury. That’s big for the Broncos.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Seahawks

USA Today 6(7)

Sunday night's game vs. Chiefs looms especially large for Denver, which is in tie-breaking hole after losing two of first three divisional contests.

Cowboys, Seahawks, Patriots*

SB Nation 8(8)

ProFootballFocus— 7(8)

Offense 27 (25) , Defense 1(1)

So, Broncos Country, is an average rank of 5.8 right? Are the Oakland Raiders better than us?