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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos write new chapter to 'half a loaf' legacy

The Denver Broncos will never play for a tie ever again.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

In Sunday's Broncos game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos had every chance in the world to win the game, but the difference in losing and not winning ultimately came down to coach Gary Kubiak's decision to kick a 62-yard field goal with one minute left in overtime.

While rare, 62-yarders have happened and more than one have happened at Mile High. Kicking the ball away without taking the shot at the win would have been playing for a tie. The last Broncos coach to do that was run out of town.

In the 1971 season opener against the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos played for and got a tie. Coach Lou Saban infamously said that "half a loaf is better than none" in response to critics within the fanbase and the press. For better or worse, Saban opted to take the safe route and it ended up costing him his job. Furious with the tie, fans of the 1971 Broncos took every opportunity to let Saban know how they felt, tossing half-loaves of bread onto the field.

From then on the mentality of the Broncos regarding ties was codified. While it's been a long time since fans have had to even think of such an outcome, the history bears out that the Denver Broncos do not play for a tie. You have to take a swing. Even if it's an outside long-shot.

At Saban's funeral in March of 2009, Denver's Westword said this:

Broncos fans made it clear that half-a-loaf wasn't better than none -- that it was better to take risks for victory than to play it safe and settle for a non-loss. Ownership listened, sacking Saban eight games later, and since then, a succession of off-the-field bosses have made it clear that winning is priority one, and mediocrity's not an option.

Saban probably didn't intend to send this message, but it came through loud and clear -- and a generation later, it continues to resonate.

Sure, the loss hurts, but would a tie have felt any better? Does being 1.5 games behind Oakland feel any better than being 2 games back?

Brandon McManus missed his shot, but at least Kubiak went down swinging. You want to talk about going down 'Kicking and Screaming?' That ain't playing for a tie.


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