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Broncos defense fails to get it done

The Denver Broncos went into their game against Kansas City knowing they had to win. The division title was slowly slipping away... until it was completely gone.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

But what happened may be difficult for Denver Broncos fans to swallow. The defense failed where the offense succeeded. In a strange turn of events, the defense was unable to put the game away after Trevor Siemian played his best game of the season. There are so many head scratchers coming out of this game.

It feels strange to write this, but this was a complete meltdown by the defense and special teams. There is no denying that the offense played horribly in the first half. Ty Sambrailo played so poorly he was yanked for Donald Stephenson. Siemian’s fumble in the end zone led to a safety, and then a kick return for a touchdown on the free kick.

No, the first half was filled with blunders that created points for the Kansas City Chiefs. Special teams mistakes were directly responsible for 14 points. The most the offense could muster was a Brandon McManus field goal. If I hear Cris Colinsworth say defensive battle one more time, I might go crazy.

The second half was a completely different ballgame. Through most of the third quarter the defense was capable of shutting down Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense. That all changed as soon as the offense got hot.

The entire season has had a theme. The defense can’t keep saving the offense. This game was a chance for the offense to put the team on its shoulders and get the win. They did that. Siemian played better than good. He was led the Broncos to what should have been a win. With an 8 point lead with 3 minutes left. Ball game, right?

Wrong. The Chiefs proceeded to paper cut the offense all the way down the field. Bradly Roby then wet himself, forgetting that all he had to do was push Tyreek Hill out of bounds before he got more than 10 yards and the game was over. Instead, the Chiefs got another shot at the touchdown. But still, they were certainly going to stop Kansas City on the two-point try. Nope.

Chris Harris Jr. is a great corner back, but put him on a tight end, and he becomes average.

The overtime period started with the Broncos making quick work of a field goal, and ended with a controversial decision to kick a 62 yard field goal. It was the Broncos only chance to win, but the defense was unable to stop anybody at that point, so giving Kansas City the ball in that field position was like conceding a loss.

The conversation may center around whether or not Kubiak should have decided to kick it or punt it. However, what we witnessed against the Chiefs was some weird bizarro world stuff. The offense and the defense went in at halftime and changed roles. Unfortunately, this could be the end of the season. The Broncos still have a shot at the playoffs, but the division title escaped.

On a Sunday night, primetime game, against a division rival, at home, the Denver Broncos came up just short. There are many places to point the finger, but for the first time this season, it isn’t Trevor Siemian. Happy he played well, but disappointed that the rest of the team couldn’t get him a win.