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Aqib Talib took his frustration with Jordan Norwood’s muffed punt a little far

All of Broncos Country was frustrated, but this isn’t what a teammate should do in that situation. Not matter how pissed you are in the moment.

We all saw it. Jordan Norwood had already muffed one punt and you could just sense another one was coming. It came at the worst time, gifting excellent field position back to the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter.

Aqib Talib let that frustration cross the tipping point, violently shoving Norwood from behind. That is not how a teammate should behave.

“We compete at the highest level. Our guys compete all the time – practice, game,” Kubiak said of the shove. “I see guys competing, guys that are upset. Jordan and Aqib are fine. I can tell you that. That’s not an issue. Obviously emotions get in the way…we have to control our emotions, but it’s a very competitive environment down there and there was no harm intended, I can tell you that.”

Hopefully, Talib after the game offered up Norwood an apology. Mistakes happen in games and no one regrets the muffed punts more than Norwood today.

"I want guys to compete,” Kubiak said of whether he was OK with Talib’s actions. “Here’s what I tell them, ‘we battle together we don’t battle each other.’"

What do you think Broncos Country, did Talib cross a line here?