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Should the Broncos have played for the tie?

The Broncos lost a heartbreaker against Kansas City on Sunday night. The Afternoon Drive caught up with Brandon Marshall, and they talked about that.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro had a lot to talk about after the Broncos collapse against the Chiefs. Goodman asked Marshall about the choice to kick a 62 yard field goal during the overtime quarter. It sounded like Marshall would have been happy to walk out of Mile High Stadium with a tie.

In listening Marshall, you can almost hear him processing Gary Kubiak’s decision to kick the field goal, and where the Broncos currently sit in the playoff picture. He sounded like a guy who simply could not decide whether or not his head coach made the right choice.

He isn’t the only one. The most talked about decision in that game was the decision to kick the field goal. Brandon McManus has the leg to make it. His kick just hooked about a yard more than he wanted. If it stays just a little straighter, we are all sitting here praising for Kubiak for being aggressive.

Eric and Les said it best, if he plays for the tie Broncos Country kills Kubiak for being John Fox-like. The Broncos lost to the Chiefs for a lot of reasons, including giving the ball to the Chiefs in excellent field position. That being said, this was the right decision 100 times out of 100 times. We don’t play to tie. You play to win the game.

Bonus Listen:

Eric and Les talk to Jordan Taylor. They discuss the play calling and the issues that led to the Broncos loss.