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Power Rankings Week 13-Broncos

In trouble or not so much?

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Did the guys behind desks think our loss was season ending, not a big deal or somewhere in between? Let me just say that I’m getting sick of typing my two most hated teams as the top 3. It’s turning me into a bulimic.

ESPN 5 (5)

It's a pretty simple formula for the Broncos: win the turnover battle, and win the game (5-0 this season). Break even or worse in the turnover battle, and lose the game (2-4). Can Denver win the turnover battle this week at Jacksonville?

Cowboys, Raiders, Patriots*

NFL 7(6)

Before anyone gets too down about the overtime loss and Fat Lever banker field-goal special,consider this: Trevor Sie.mian showed he could play in a playoff atmosphere. A couple of those throws -- like the 64-yard deep ball to Emmanuel Sanders and the Bennie Fowler lob-turned-catch-and-run-touchdown -- were beauties. As far as the decision to go for the 62-yard field-goal attempt ... immediately after Brandon McManus lined up to kick it, Gary Kubiak looked like a man who had just "won" a $580 bid on an Elvis Comeback Edition Plate on Ebay. Then he realized he just bid $580 on an Elvis Comeback Edition Plate. #7-4

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

ProFootballTalk 8(6)

If the Broncos can’t trust their defense, can any team trust its defense?

Cowboys, Raiders, Patriots*

CBS 7(4)

They had to feel like they gave one away against the Chiefs. Their offense has to do more.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

Fox Sports 9(5)

The Broncos came extremely close to beating the Chiefs and moving ahead of them in the division, but a few decisions down the stretch hurt their chances. On the bright side, Trevor Siemian had his best game of the year and didn’t look overwhelmed by the big stage. The defense is obviously still the biggest strength of this team.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

USA Today 10(6)

Is the defense bearing too much burden? It forced the Chiefs to punt on nine of the first 10 drives Sunday but gave up points on final three possessions.

Cowboys, Seahawks, Patriots*

SB Nation 10(8)

ProFootballFocus 7

Offense 22, Defense 1

Do you agree with an average rank of 7.87?