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Shane Ray says the Denver Broncos always get up to play the Oakland Raiders

The Afternoon Drive caught up with Shane Ray to talk about the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders who play this weekend on Sunday Night Football.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive had a conversation with Shane Ray about the upcoming Denver Broncos game with the Oakland Raiders. Ray felt that the teams tend to change their entire game plan when they play the Broncos. That was an interesting aspect of this interview.

At the end of the day, the Broncos players always get up to play the Raiders. Several veterans just don't like them. T.J. Ward alluded to that in an interview on Thursday.

"I just don’t like them," Ward said of the Raiders. "They’re from Oakland. I just don’t like the Raiders. I couldn’t even tell you. It’s probably something that’s bred in me, probably because I had a lot of friends that are Raider fans and we used to just argue all the time. Two teams I really hated growing up were the Cowboys and the Raiders."

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les talked with former Broncos safety Nick Ferguson about NFL rivalries and how they just aren't the same anymore. I disagreed with his premise based on Ward's comment above, but overall he is probably more right than wrong, unfortunately.