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Trevor Siemian called Broncos’ biggest flaw by AFC Executive

It’s easy to overlook flaws when its your guy, but like in 2015, we should all be concerned about quarterback play on the Denver Broncos.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What other AFC contenders think of the Denver Broncos is important and in a recent post from Albert Breer of The MMQB he covered every contender’s major flaw heading into the playoff race.


AFC executive: “At the end of the game, will the QB make plays in the critical moment, when you’re in a tight matchup or the playoffs? As the season goes on, everything gets tighter, more equal. Is he gonna be able to get the ball downfield? They can ride the defense, there’s no change there. But can the QB make the critical plays, and be productive enough if the run game is shut down? That’ll be a defining thing.”

Now before you start raging, there is nothing overtly negative here. Breer called these “flaws”, but I would call them more “concerns”. Trevor Siemian’s experience and big play ability are a “concern” eight games into the season. Now if these are still “concerns” heading into January then they become “flaws”.

This post won’t be popular, but we shouldn’t live with our heads stuck in the ground like an ostrich. If Siemian is who other teams peg as the Broncos flaw, we should pay attention to that and look for him to grow beyond what this executive believed to be his biggest flaws as a quarterback.

That said, the thing that should bother us the most right about this post from Breer is that the Kansas City Chiefs are considered the NFL’s most complete team after the New England Patriots.