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Horse Tracks: Ray Lewis has a good point on what makes a 'football player' in the NFL

Don't Ever Let Anyone See Your Weakness.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The story I should write about is the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, but I don’t care, so I’m not going to.

Football, football and football is what you're getting here. The story that caught my eye and I'll post the video below, is about Cam Newton

Ray Lewis, love or hate him, IS A FOOTBALL PLAYER, don't care if he's retired. It's who is he. Ask John Elway.

What did he say that has me all fi yerd up? Ray laying the wood to Cam being skeeeered. Yeah, Cam. What kind of leader, what kind of QB says he's scared to play?

"You can't show fear on the battlefield."

"Don't ever let anyone see your weakness."

How can a team win together, if the quarterback is weak or self centered?

I'm not going to comment on his remarks about character, since it is Ray Lewis, after all, but his insight on being a leader, is bang on.

How do you inspire your team to take a hit, play kicking and screaming, if you won't? If you're scared?

In my AFC West preview, I laid into Blake Borltes for playing heartless, now Ray is blasting Cam and I have to wonder if anyone heard our own QB say he'd rather our OL take flags, then him getting hit?

What is going on in QBLand?

Maybe the reason we're seeing some boring football, starts and ends with HEART. Maybe a ratings dip has nothing to do with Kaep and the kneel, or the election, but rather why are some of these guys willing to battle the public, but not battle each other on the field?

Why are you out there? What part of hit or be hit did you miss during Pop Warner, HS and college football?

Whenever Navy wives complain about their husbands deploying, I ask, what part of ships going bye-bye did you miss?

Come on, people. Whatever choices you make in life, follow them through. Give it what you got. If that means playing a violent sport, then play it and shut up. Don't leave the pocket if you don't want to be a sitting duck.

I'll tell you what, if I were to keep getting hit, I'd start dishing some back. And I'd call the other guys out by questioning their man parts. What king of, _ _ _fill in the blank, kind of....hits a QB after he's released the ball? I'll tell you what kind, a ...and then I'd say, next time soandso nails me illegal, I'm going to lay him out flat, he'll be sucking his thumb and crying for his mama. And refs, here's my checkbook, how many zeros?

Cam, your team lost to a 40yr old who couldn't throw a TD because YOU fell apart. Our guy kept calm, even after getting decked five times. You didn't see him pouting or kicking the ground. He didn't even play with his knee brace. May the rest of the QB's in the league, take a lesson from that.

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