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Tom Flores: Raiders are almost good enough to take the tarp off the stadium

Les Shapiro asked the former Raiders QB and coach the brilliant question on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive.

For the last week, we’ve suffered through the continuous, non-stop "Oakland Raiders are back" garbage.

Yes, we know they’re 6-2. Yes, we know for the first time in over a decade this garbage franchise seems on the right path. It’s enough to make Broncos Country vomit uncontrollably.

So Les Shapiro on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman asked former Raiders quarterback and coach Tom Flores the best question of all: Is Oakland good enough to take the tarp off the upper deck of it’s sewage pump stadium? Thank you for this question of pure gold, Les.

Flores said the Raiders are "selling out" ... um, no you’re not since close to 10,000 seats have a tarp on them. He also said if the organization makes it to the playoffs it will think about taking the tarp off, "but they’re not there yet."

Again, thank you Les for the good laugh to a week of nonstop hyperbole.

Bonus listen: MHR’s Tim Lynch joined the show to talk about how it’s been a while since the rivalry created this kind of buzz.