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Broncos Raiders live: Oakland was on the cusp of running away with this one in the first half

The Oakland Raiders can’t be stopped and the Denver Broncos can’t seem to get started. Raiders up by ten at halftime.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With a first and goal to start the second quarter, the Oakland Raiders got Latavius Murray going with a seven yard gain down to the two yard line. Murray would gain another yard to setup a third and goal from the one yard line. From there, they would punch it in.

Raiders 13, Broncos 0.

Maybe too little, too late, the Denver Broncos finally started running the ball. After a nice first down run, Devontae Booker was stuffed on second down. On third and five, Trevor Siemian would misfire again overthrowing Demaryius Thomas.

For the first time since 2011, the Broncos started a game with four straight three and outs. Tim Tebow was the quarterback then.

The Broncos defense would need to do things at this point.

A short run and a pass from Derek Carr that was nearly intercepted setup a third and long for the Raiders. A false start penalty made it even a longer third and long. Carr, with Von Miller in his face, overthrew his intended target. The Broncos defense finally forced a three and out of their own.

A swing pass to Booker to start the next drive picked up eight yards, nearly doubling the offensive output for the Broncos on the night. And then Booker lost three yards on the next handoff. On third and five, Siemian just threw it up for Thomas who made a great play on the ball to make the reception on the sideline for a 23 yard gain.


Booker would pick up a few yards on first down and some balance on the offensive playcalling is beginning to surface. Which means Gary Kubiak must have taken over for Rick Dennison.

Jordan Taylor made a reception to setup a third and one for the Broncos. Siemian would hand off to Kapri Bibbs who would take it around the outside for a nice 10 yard gain and a first down.

From the Riaders 36 yard line, Siemian made his best throw of the day down the field to Jordan Norwood for a touchdown.

Raiders 13, Broncos 7.

On the Raiders next drive the Broncos run defense completely collapsed, letting the Jalen Richard run 28-yards down the field to the Broncos 24-yard line.

From there, the Broncos defense began to stiffen some pushing the Raiders back to the 30 yard line. On second and 16, Carr would throw an incomplete pass down the field. Carr would throw the ball away to end the drive.

Sebastian Janikowski would hook the 48-yard field goal attempt to set the Broncos up with solid field position and a bit of momentum.

Siemian would hit Emmanuel Sanders for a quick out for seven yards, then Booker would take the ball down to the 49-yard line to setup a third and a short one yard. Kubiak would inexplicably call a passing play with Siemian and it would promptly be thrown incomplete.

The Raiders, thanks in large part to Todd Davis with the worst tackle attempt in human history, got Murray loose for a 42-yard gain.

Fortunately, the rest of the Broncos defense is pretty good and stiffened to setup a third and ten. Unfortunately, Roby was beaten on the next play and he made an ugly attempt to break up the pass that was definitely early to setup a first and goal at the one yard line.

Touchdown Raiders on the very next play, but the Raiders had an ineligible man downfield to wipe that out. A ticky tack pass interference on Lorenzo Doss wiped that out. Touchdown Raiders on the very next play.

Raiders 20, Broncos 7.

Siemian opens up the next drive with a quick pass to Virgil Green for a quick eleven yards and a first down. Another quick pass to Thomas over the middle for 13 yards and a first down put the Broncos out to their own 45-yard line.

Another quick slant for six yards to Thomas left you feeling like the time was running too quickly for the Broncos to score anything on this drive.

From midfield, with 27 seconds left, Siemian on third and three would overthrow a wide open Jordan Taylor down the field. Fortunately, the Raiders committed a holding penalty to give the Broncos a new set of downs.

Siemian saved his best for last on a throw down to the end zone to Emmanuel Sanders who almost made the catch. It was clearly incomplete and the Broncos had just 14 seconds to get the ball into field goal range.

Thomas made a catch on a quick slant for seven yards to setup a 55-yard field goal attempt for Brandon McManus that knocked through to end the half.

Raiders 20, Broncos 10.