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Broncos Raiders live: Denver doing just enough to stay in the game through three quarters

After a scoreless third quarter, the Denver Broncos have done just enough to keep the game from getting away from them against the Oakland Raiders.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos kicked off to start the second half, putting the momentum in the hands of their defense. They had a chance on the first series on third and one when T.J. Ward blew up the running play, but whiffed on the tackle of Latavius Murray who would dance his way for the first down.

The Oakland Raiders stick to their rushing attack, exploiting the weakness in the Broncos run defense that is Jared Crick. They quickly rushed their way to the Broncos 39-yard line. On third and 8, Derek Carr was chased out of the pocket and was forced to throw the ball away.

A perfect punt pinned Trevor Siemian and the Broncos down on their own two-yard line.

Siemian on first down would throw deep into double coverage incomplete. It seems Siemian’s game is the short route or the go route as the next short pass goes for six yards to Demaryius Thomas. On third and four from their own eight yard line, Siemian throws two yards to Emmanuel Sanders who was stopped well short of the sticks.

The Raiders continued to pound the rock as the Broncos defense seemed to forget how to tackle in this game. Derek Wolfe went down with an injury, bringing in Adam Gotsis. That would not bode well for the Broncos interior line as Crick has been blown up nearly continuously in this game.

Fortunately, a third down and three pass was stopped short to force another punt for the Raiders just as they crossed midfield.

The Broncos offense derp’d its way to a third and eight from their own three yard line, but Siemian chucked it up for Thomas who was interfered with for a 27 yard penalty.

Khalil Mack showed up on the next play dropping Siemian for an nine yard loss. Devontae Booker picked up five of those yards back on the next play.

On third and 14, Siemian would extend the play after being flushed out of the pocket to his Emmanuel Sanders for an 18 yard gain and a first down.

Siemian would hit Virgil Green on a slant for a 26 yard gain down to the Raiders 30-yard line. Siemian made a huge mistake in scoring position when he chucked the ball out of bounds with no one in the area. The intentional grounding was a 10-yard penalty and a loss of downs.

On second and 20 from the Raiders 34, Siemian would throw a short pass away again. The entire series was nearly derp’d out of position, but Siemian completed a short pass to Sanders to end the third quarter.