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Horse Tracks: Sunday night stinker, Broncos embarrasss themselves in Oakland

The Denver Broncos have toyed with ugly wins in the past. Now those chickens have come home to roost with one of the ugliest losses in years.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Did you see Kapri Bibbs' touchdown run? Beyond that, there was very little for Broncos fans in Sunday night's loss to the Oakland Raiders.

The offensive game-plan may have well been crafted on the back of a napkin. The Broncos started slow, as they always do, and then decided to slip it into neutral, hoping that the defense would bail them out yet again. What was so frustrating about the loss was that despite all indications that things were going south, the staff held steadfast  with an game-plan long after it was proven ineffective.

In the first quarter, the Broncos had 4 yards passing. 12 feet. 144 inches. Let that sink in. In Trevor Siemian's first quarter of driving the offense, wasn't enough to get down your own driveway.

The Raiders had the ball for over 41:00 of play. When it's that lopsided the defense that has been the bread and butter for success can't do it's job. It's disgusting that the Broncos would ask so much of the defense and then require so little from the offense.

There's plenty of blame to go around for this. Rick Dennison? Gary Kubiak? Trevor Siemian? Booker? The offensive line? It doesn't really matter. At no point did it look like any of them had any indication that they had what it took to win. The final score proves that fact.

There's plenty to be angry about, but being angry doesn't change the fact that the Broncos embarrassed themselves again against a division opponent on national television. As playoff hopes begin slip from the grasp of the defending Super Bowl Champions, this was a game Broncos fans can look back on as the one the Denver Broncos didn't just take a step back, but rather blacked out and hit our head on the table as we collapsed to the floor.


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