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Week 9 AFC West Review

One team falls, 3 Rise (someone hand me my blankie).

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This was a weekend blur of bad and more bad as we were the only AFC West team to lose... and we lose to the stinkin’ Raiders.

Okaland 7 2 0.778 245 223
Kansas City 6 2 0.75 185 151
Denver 6 3 0.667 214 166
San Diego 4 5 0.444 268 247

Jacksonville @ Kansas City 14-19

The KC Chiefs won in a game so bad, they needed the refs to win it for them. The team that played, not only didn't look good, if they go to the POs, it'll because Alex Smith saves them.

I won't say much about their offense since Alex Smith wasn't playing, and a couple players were out. They were without their LG, 2 RBs, their WR and TE Kelce was ejected from the game. Their defense is the real story. Good Lord.

Blake Bortles actually showed up to play. His mechanics were all over the place, his receivers dropped passes after passes and they had four turnovers, yet they still scored 14. They also exposed some flaws in KC’s defense. Something worth paying attention to. Chris Ivory and their WRs were getting open time after time. Bortles was able to run free almost any time he wanted.

On one play, Foles was intercepted, but as soon as he caught it, he was hit by his own teammate saving KS from a loss. Later, the Jags scored on a TD, but like so much reffing this year, a bad call said Ivory lost the ball before it crossed the line. Replay showed this to be false and that no ref had a clear view.

This gift wrapped a win to a team that didn't earn it.

Kielce got ejected for going off on the refs, which on par for a game that was an insult to watch.

Next up, a trip to Carolina CBS 1:00

San Diego @ Tennessee 43-35

Good thing for the Chargers that Marcus Mariota is a take two steps forward, take one back, QB. If not for that, San Diego would've lost.

Mariota threw three TDs, but also turned it over by a fumble for a pick six, an INT for a pick six and an INT. Is that a record for a QB? The only thing missing was him running in a TD. Oh, wait. He did that, too.

And after giving them two scores, it was still a close game. The difference between a win and a loss was Melvin Gordon. This cat should be in the MVP talk, at the very least OPTY. The people who have scored more than him are nine kickers. He rushed for 195 yards.

While the Titans couldn't stop the run, they couldn't run it, either. Kind of like us. Even so, the Chargers needed those two scoring turnovers to win. Better to be lucky than good.

Injuries: Orlando Franklin, concussion

Miami travels to San Diego CBS 4:05

Denver @ Oakland 20-30

Brandon McMoney was great. TJ Ward played his guts out. Um, um...oh, our OL can run fast! Well, fast in relation to a NT.

On a lucky dump off that had Kapri Bibbs looking like an old school video game hero avoiding a slow moving monster, we saw our big boys run. The whole play was kind of hilarious with so much galloping beef. Made me think of a bull run when you're “behind” it. That was a lot of moving parts. At one point, when they all kind of converged on little Emmanueal Sanders, I was afraid he'd be trampled and all we'd see would be his cleats sticking up. Luckily, Kapri juked and the herd missed him. TD and a pancaked E, avoided.

Unlike the rest of this game, it was far from hilarious. It was a funeral procession in a graveyard of horrors and the grim reaper was Jack, I now hate your maggot guts, Del Rio. Fitting the guests were already dressed for the occasion.

Instead of handing out game balls, sickles should be given. This was such an awful game, I can't really think who was the worst. Bradley Roby? Don Stephenson? Trevor Siemian? Rick Dennison? Jared Crick? Joe DiCamillis for allowing run backs? Gary Kubiak for not making any changes to this offense?

All of the above. To add insult to injury, we lost Derek Wolfe for a week to a month. Brandon Marshall needed medical attention and the entire team had bruised and broken egos. This team needs an ER trip and a blood transfusion before it heads to the city of voodoo.

Injury: Derek Wolfe, elbow