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Who was calling the plays on Sunday night?

The Afternoon Drive had some questions about the play calling in the Denver Broncos debacle in Oakland on Sunday night. Les even got shot down by Gary Kubiak at one point.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive were just as perplexed as most of the members of Broncos Country on Sunday regarding the play calling. Four 3 and outs to start the game, and a lopsided time of possession stat will do that. Les noticed something, and it begs a question.

Who is in charge of the play calling in Denver right now. Rick Dennison has become the ire of so many. What is his job, exactly? However, Shapiro heard Sean Salisbury (former NFL QB, ESPN talking head, current radio host in Texas) mention that he thought Kubiak was not the one with play calling duties at different times in the game. Maybe we are missing something here.

Who was in charge of calling the plays? Was that really what was to blame in the game on Sunday Night Football? Kubiak dismissed the notion that he was not calling the plays. Maybe he should have. The offensive game plan was so bad, why would he want to be associated with it?

The Broncos have slipped to third in the AFC West. This is a rather unusual position to be in for Denver fans. With the play of the offensive line incredibly shaky, and the defense wearing down from overuse, what can be expected in the next few weeks? Is anybody else here helplessly waiting for the bye, hoping that things can’t get any worse?

Bonus Listen

Mike Pritchard joins The Afternoon Drive to discuss the Broncos garbage fire.