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Where's the beef?

An anemic offense needs to answer some questions

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No matter where you stand, the consensus is, for varying reasons, our offense is a repeat of last year. A killer defense covering for its weak offense. That the offense doesn't matter because of our Defense. Changes shouldn't be made because of that “Super Bowl Window”.

What defines a Super Bowl window? Shouldn't we always be in one? If a Super Bowl window means we have the tools NOW, then why is our offense poor?

Is a non-SB window, a year when you rebuild? Not sure about all y'all, but to me, our offense sure looks like a rebuild. Not a good one, either.

Our defense is built to be a self-perpetuating machine where we bring in new to learn from the old and slowly the new become the old (experienced), then our defense is always in a SB window. Right?

Then what are we doing on offense?! Are we the Colts from the Manning years, only the flip? Are we going to stay stuck in a defense-only driven team?

It seems to me, if we want our offense to resemble our defense, we need old teaching new. In the QB department we don't have that. That's ok, most teams don't. But who is our vet OL guys mentoring? Who is Okung and Stephenson teaching? Ty? Hurt McGovern? Who?

Who's DT and E mentoring? I don't see any recent draft picks do you? Latimer, Norwood, Fowler and Taylor haven't shown they're the future. Maybe Sunshine, but he's being used oddly.

We drafted Jeff Heuerman and he's equal to a rook in playing time and we still don't know what he has. We have two TE’s on the PS. Maybe AJ Derby is the guy Virgil mentors?

Thank goodness for CJ. Anderson. He's mentored Devontae Booker and Andy Janovich. That's a ray of sunshine.

If they don't want to make changes, staying with QB T who's the "safe" pick, is that who we now are? The team that plays safe? A Kicking and Screaming team...only on defense. On offense, we're the, take a holding call over letting the QB get hit, team.

Not to mention, if he's so safe, why is that he throws dropped INT just about every game? Some multiple times. His completions are down in the 40’s% range. Against Houston, we had a run game and all the starters and still, his completions dropped from the week before. If it was blamed on his arm, shouldn't it now be going back up, not down?

Kubiak: “I think Trevor’s a battler. He continues to get better every time we go out.”

No matter who we play, they're going to have good games and bad games and rookie moments. So, instead of building the team NOW, to win from NOW ON, we're playing a game that isn't good and in all likelihood won't even be using this QB next year. Who is QB L learning from him? Someone, tell me.

He's watching a guy who plays safe. Who when pushed to go through his progressions, overlooks open guys. QB T runs the huddle well, but QB L isn't in the huddle. He can listen in, but doing is learning. He's not learning how to watch game film from some guru because Peyton is gone.

Speaking of Manning, if they've decided to stay on this path of playing the safe guy, bring Manning in to coach up these QBs. Pay him whatever he wants to watch film with them. To work with the TEs and RBs. Mentor QB L. Heck, bring in Norv Turner. Mike Shannahan. Bill Walsh ;) Anything to help change this offense.

Some say, he's not ready. When exactly is a good time to go through growing pains? When we're out of the SB window? When we're in a reboot? When? No matter when, he'll still go through the same growing pains. Who cares if he's not ready now? After the fiasco we saw tonight, it doesn't seem he could do worse.

Lynch wasn't worse against Atlanta. His completion rate was 65.7. Trevor was 48.7 against the stinking Raiders.

Against Atlanta he had no Virgil Green, No Stephenson, no Okung and basically no Gary. Plus the game plan was made for Trevor with no tweaks. And Andy Janovich was used 12 times. Plus, he was stuck with Ty! Remember, the guy all hated? He still did tons better than Trevor against the nasty Raiders. With the same putrid game plan.

The team under Trevor has now lost two division games. We still have to play KC twice and the Raiders, again. The NFC Atlanta loss was inconsequential in relation to losing to divisional rivals.

Wouldn't it have made more sense, ready or not, to give the guy who's supposed to lead the team next year, some experience now? In a clear offense rebuild year?

What are we doing? Because if we're building to win from now on, but also in a SB "window" how is that accomplished by rotating QB's, next year?

I just don't get it. Unless it's all built on cross your fingers for this week. That's what it feels like. It doesn't feel like we're building an offense for next year, to win from now on. It feels like it did when Osweiler played. It was clearly plain to see he wasn't going to be the franchise QB we'd been dreaming of, so we just sighed. Well, I sighed. Few agreed with me. Most didn't. Quite vocally, too.

So, we wasted four years on a QB who lacks IT and now have another who does, too. Look how it's turned out.

Yes, my pessimism is deep and Raider dark, but things that are illogical bother me. Playing on luck. Or are we operating under the adage of best laid plans go awry?

This offense isn't gelling. Maybe that's why the players wanted Siemain the Captain, so he'd step up and lead and mold them together. After nine weeks, it still begs the question, why didn't they let the guy who's supposed to be the future, go ahead and take the reins?

Please don't say, it would ruin him. Bad coaches, with bad schemes, ruin QB's. Playing as a rookie, doesn't. Why? Because if you let losing and INTs and NFL pressure mentally collapse you, you don't have IT and you wouldn't make it with anyone. QBing is attitude. Better to see sooner, rather than later, what you have.

So, what are we doing? Waiting another year to see? How do the OL, WRs get clicking as one unit, if we're switching again? Year three, fifth QB makes us little better than Cleveland.

Our game plan is so simple, and yet Lynch can’t run it? If that is true, that our prize draft pick can’t relay these simple plays, then why did they draft him?

What are we doing? We have the dink and dunk guy, the throw three completions beyond 19 yards guy, the, launch the ball up and hope a WR can twist to catch it, guy, but where's the dual threat guy? Where's the push the ball down the field and make intermediate completions, guy?

Who's afraid of Trevor? His Hannibal Lector self, Belichick, gave up Jamie Collins. If he thinks we had a QB who could do anything to his defense, would he do that now? He waited until he knew Siemain was no threat, with his legs or arm.

Blame play calling which is a big factor, or drops (below the league average), blame the OL, but when you are throwing 91 times to one area of the field with a completion of 73%, compared to the other 23 at 85 tries for 57%, defenses are going to figure you out.

“I feel really good about what Trevor’s doing....He’s going some good things, but like all of us, we’re looking to be more consistent.”

What are we doing? This isn't me trying to change anyone's minds. This isn't about Trevor OR Lynch, the people. This isn't personal. I don't know either of these guys. Both of them are Floridians and from down the road from me. Which in the south, means within a couple hours. This is about our future, our goal, our plan.

Here we are, nine games in and we look as bad as last year. Worse, actually.

  • Pass = 25th (14th, 2015)
  • Rush = 23rd (17th, 2015)
  • Tot = 28th (16th, 2015)
  • PPG = 13th (19th, 2015)

I thought that's why we drafted Paxton the Lynch? Wasn't it because we wanted a dual threat guy? Someone who could extend plays with his legs? His arm? Who defenses had to respect? Who played with some grit? Where is that in QB T??

In 2014, after the Rams game, I was so furious. I made a picture of Manning sitting in defeat with time still in the first freaking half and blasted him. Elway, Fox, the Captains. I said what kind of team lacks fire and passion? Who gives up? I said more, but you get the picture. I then sent it to Elway and every single PR person with the Broncos. I sent it to every blog.

So, don't think this is some anti-QB T narrative. It's an anti-fire extinguisher rant. Give us a pulse. I don't know why we're all supposed to sit back and say, thank you, give us more? I'm sick of babying my words.

I know, trust in Gary. It doesn't matter what I (or others) think or want. But, as a fan who's followed this team through a whole lot of bad QBs, spent thousands of dollars, cried over and felt like I died over, this team, I would really like to know, what's the Plan?

Right now, the plan sure looks like, play the QB I can go off my play sheet and not change anything, plan. The, stick with QB T until we lose a few times, plan. The crying and whimpering, plan. Sigh. The dink and dunk, plan. Only there's no dink.

This plan stinks. To be fair, running out of the EZ every kick/punt is insanity. That's not going to help any QB. Nor is using the same game plan week after week. Rico needs to be relieved of his duties as play caller. He's part of the problem of this offense looking like it has no future, no vision. WCO with no run or a mobile QB is like ordering steak when you have no teeth. Stop it!

I know hindsight is 20-20, that we can't look back and only ahead, but that's my point. What exactly are we looking ahead to? Another year of hold on to your seats, quarterbacking? Couldn't it have been done this year? Two years instead of three?

What are we doing? Winning by defense. Well, our defense is dropping like flies from spending so much time making up for the offense.

Winning one sided is like ordering an Oreo and it has no cream in the middle. A burrito that arrives with no spices. Sure, they'll fill your stomach, but are you satisfied? Was that what you were promised? Feels like a bait and switch. Advertise the burrito with steak, chilies and onions and jalapeños and you get plain chicken stuffed in a fat-free tortilla.

But, hey, that plain chicken roll up is the safe choice. The no bloat option. Just don't ask to look behind the counter, where that steak filled burrito is just sitting there. We’re told it just need a dash of paprika for color, first. While we starve.

I want to know what are we doing? Is this the future Gary dreamed up? A game plan that only works if it has a fully healthy FB? A plan built on short passes to the left, 73% of the time? Sticking with a QB who, by my account, is not the future? We need Kubiak to tell us something, anything. Tell us: Where is the Beef? Please?