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Week 10 Broncos power rankings around the web

How low did the Denver Broncos go?

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Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

As I’m writing this, I hear Pete Prisco say, Siemian can’t throw down the field, of course they’re (Chiefs) going to beat them. Yikes...

My retort is, Manning couldn't either and we won a SB. Hoping lightning strikes twice!

Fox Sports—7 (3)

The Broncos are a similar team to the Vikings. They have a great defense but lack talent at quarterback and running back. The Broncos will bounce back from a tough road loss to the Raiders, and Trevor Siemian will improve. If not, we could see first-round pick Paxton Lynch in the future.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons—7 (3)

No Aqib Talib, no Broncos defense. At least not as we know it. The whole secondary plays differently with Talib in the mix -- especially if Kayvon Webster is available, allowing Denver to play man if need be and use extra personnel against the run. Meanwhile, Bradley Roby has been stellar, but at this stage of his young career, he's no Talib. Not sure why Roby, down 10 points and with a blitz on (meaning Derek Carr had to get rid of the ball quickly) gave Amari Cooper a free first down via a 10-yard cushion. The Raiders likely would have prevailed anyway, but that was the game!

Patriots*, Cowboys, Chiefs

CBS Sports—6 (3)

The injuries on defense hurt them at Oakland, but now they face a tough turnaround going to New Orleans to face a revived Saints team

Patriots*, Cowboys, Chiefs

SB Nation—8 (2)

The Broncos also dropped a bit after looking overmatched against the Oakland Raiders in a duel for the AFC West lead. The defense looked significantly less intimidating without Aqib Talib. While the Broncos could get him back at some point, they’re still stuck choosing between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch at quarterback, neither of which is a great option at the moment.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons

ESPN—7 (4)

It seems unusual for the defending champion Broncos to be third in the AFC West this late in the season, but at 6-3, they trail the Raiders (7-2) and Chiefs (6-2).72 percent: NFL FPI still gives the Broncos a 72 percent chance of making the playoffs, fourth in the AFC, but with games against the Chiefs (twice), Raiders and Patriots remaining, those odds could hang in the balance.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Raiders (shoot me now)

USA Today—7 (2)

This is not what you'd call complementary football. Sputtering offense keeps going three-and-out, adding stress to injury-laden defense

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons

NBC Pro Football Talk—6 (3)

Making The Broncos Passing Game Mediocre Again.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Raiders (call 911, can’t stop throwing up)

I can’t post more, I need an IV

How do you feel about that black hole being ranked above us? And us being ranked an average of 7? Surprised we didn't drop farther or should we still be a top 3?