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Broncos must choose which path to go down

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As Adam Malnati and Ian St. Clair discuss on the MHR Radio podcast, where Denver chooses to go from here will tell the story of the next five weeks.

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So, have we come down, or come back up, from that truly bizarre game on Sunday Night? The hope is the Denver Broncos have done the later, and are now “on to Jacksonville.”

While it was a bizarro game against the Kansas City Chiefs, it epitomizes this season. When you leave it in the hands of Lady Luck, eventually she sinks you. On top of that, the Broncos see a complete reversal of how things have gone when the offense “does enough” and the defense fails to do its job. But that’s in the past at this point. What’s in front of Denver is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As Adam Malnati and I discussed on the Mile High Report Radio podcast, where do the Broncos go from here? Do they come out motivated and send a message that they won’t go down without a fight? Will they be “kicking and screaming?”

Or does Denver come out flat, put forth yet another garbage first half that keeps Jacksonville in the game, not take the Jaguars seriously and once again put it in the hands of Lady Luck?

For those who think this game is a “gimme,” the Broncos are 1-3 in Jacksonville and are 5-6 all-time against the Jaguars.

This game also serves as a rallying cry for Gus Bradley and a team that once again isn’t very good. That’s punctuated by the putrid 2-9 record and current six-game losing streak. “We have the Super Bowl champs coming into our building, let’s prove to the rest of the league we can compete.”

At this point, the only solid prediction one could make is that Sunday’s game will be high on drama and intrigue. Get the ol’ ticker ready for another marathon.